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Genuine Kia Parts

At Roper Kia, we know the value of genuine OEM Parts that were made explicitly for your vehicle.

Kia Parts for Sale in Joplin, MO

At Roper Kia, we operate a parts department with a remarkable inventory of replacement parts for all Kia models. If a Kia car, minivan, or SUV needs a replacement part to get back on the road at its best, we carry the best part to complete the repair.

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Genuine Kia Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

When you install genuine Kia parts, you are getting a part that will outperform the alternative aftermarket parts in every measurable performance criterionmaterial quality, durability, and reliability. When buying an aftermarket part, you have vast uncertainties regarding the part’s material quality, how long it will last, and if it will perform reliably. Beyond how genuine parts outperform aftermarket parts is the fact that our parts are backed by an attractive Kia warranty – in the rare case that something goes wrong, Kia will fix it! When you add all of these benefits up, our customers quickly realize that genuine Kia Parts from a reputable parts department maximize their value. When you need a reminder, here are all of the reasons why Genuine Kia Parts maximize value:

  • Genuine parts are the same parts originally installed on your Kia model
  • Removes the guesswork and hassle out of the part selection process
  • Trustworthy performance and enhanced durability
  • Genuine parts support existing warranties
  • Warranty coverage provides insurance against premature part failure
  • Produced according to the same manufacturing standards as your vehicle
  • Verified fit and performance in your specific model

Kia OEM Parts in Joplin, MO

Our parts are genuine OEM, which means that they were manufactured according to the same strict standards guiding the production of your vehicle. From raw material quality, meticulous engineering, rigorous testing to verify performance, and warranty coverage, genuine Kia parts will always maximize our customers’ satisfaction and value.


Roper Kia Parts Department

When your Kia vehicle needs a replacement part to complete routine maintenance or repair services, we invite you to get the quality part that you need from us online or at the Roper Kia Parts Department in Joplin, MO near Paradise, Spring Valley, and Webb City, MO.

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