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Thank you for considering Roper Kia for your service needs. Our qualified technicians pay special attention to detail and focus on customer service. Schedule your service below or call our dealership in Joplin at 417-626-3800 to make a service appointment. 

Schedule Your Kia Service Online

At Roper Kia, we understand that most of our customers have busy lives with hectic schedules that make it challenging to fit in that much-needed maintenance or repair service. Our goal at Roper Kia is to offer the best customer service, service results that you expect, and the most convenience with every service possible. When this happens, our customers get more value with every maintenance or repair service because they have more time to dedicate elsewhere. To help our busy customers maintain their Kia car, crossover, or SUV at peak performance, we’ve developed an online scheduling tool that allows you to Schedule Your Kia Service Online at any time of the day or night. As long as you have a few vehicle details, anyone can schedule the vital routine maintenance or repair that their Kia requires to get back on the road with maximum reliability and safety.

Who Can Use the Online Schedule Tool?

Everyone that owns a Kia in our region is invited to Schedule Your Kia Service Online. No matter if you drive a Kia Soul in Joplin, Forte in Oakland Park, or Optima in Duquesne, we are prepared to provide any Kia car, crossover, or SUV with the maintenance or repair service that it needs to get back on the road quickly at peak performance and factory specifications. If you live a busy life and want to remain diligent with your vehicle’s routine maintenance, we invite you to Schedule Your Kia Service Online.

How to Schedule my Kia Service Online

The first step in scheduling your Kia Service online is to collect your vehicle’s basic information, including the make, model, year, transmission type, drive type, trim, engine type, and mileage. The second step is to select the service that your vehicle needs. The third step is to choose if you need a loaner vehicle, will wait on service or take the shuttle. The fourth step is to select an appointment time. The last step is to input your contact information and submit the request. Once submitted, we will give you a call back to confirm your appointment as soon as possible.

  1. Gather necessary vehicle data
  2. Select the service that you need
  3. Select an appointment time
  4. Submit contact information
  5. A knowledgeable service advisor will call you back
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